To Avoid Plagiarism, Follow MLA Rules

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that can result in failure–either for a single assignment or for the entire semester.  The rules for quoting and citing are clear and easy to follow at the Purdue Owl’s site.  The more ethical a student is about his/her writing, the stronger and more confident thinker and speaker the student will become.  Please know that the documented (research) essay is a requirement across all SUNY campuses including SUNY Rockland.  I am certain there is no such thing as accidental plagiarism:  plagiarism is cheating and lying.  First the work is not your own and such dishonesty/cheating is easily traced.  Please use the Web responsibly:  the use of electronic sources offers multiple opportunities.  Please treat the words of others with respect:  if the words are not yours, please do not put your name above them.  


Thank you for cooperating with this fundamental rule:  every college campus in the country punishes plagiarism.  The best way to avoid plagiarism is to know and follow the rules.


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