ENG 207: Short Story — UPDATE for readings and class dates (October, November & December 2013)

NOTE:  This is the NEW schedule after Professor McGovern had a sick day on 10/17.


The primary theme of this next sequence of stories deals w/gender, gender roles, and marriage.  Enjoy!

10/15:  QUIZ on “Cooking Lesson” and “Seed Necklace.”  There will be a quiz today on both stories.  Read carefully, and take notes.  See you in class.

10/22:  Please read “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck in 50GS.  We will also use some class time to revisit the stories from the quiz last week, i.e., “The Cooking Lesson” and “The Seed Necklace.”  Please be sure to bring copies of all stories and books with you.

10/24:   Please read “How Beautiful w/Shoes” (50GS), pp. 361-383 and from HBM, go on to read “Lonelyhearts” by Fonseca (pp.222-236).  Discussion to follow.  Remember to answer the helpful questions to improve recall re: character names and plot events.

10/29:    From 50 GS please read Hemingway’s “The Three Day Blow” (16-27) and in HBM please read “It Was a Different Day When They Killed the Pig” (186-191).  What do the stories say about gender roles?  We will discuss the tales and your ideas today; please keep notes using the “Helpful Notes” section in the syllabus.  Thank you~

10/31  50 GS please read “Only The Dead Know Brooklyn” (pp. 132-137) and in HBM please also read “Relative Humidity 95%” by Puig (pp. 222-236).  Try to answer the questions for each in order to enrich our classroom conversation.

11/5:  In 50 GS, please read “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horses” by Saroyan (194-201) and in HBM read “The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship” by Garcia Marquez (373-379).  We will discuss the role time plays in both stories:  is it possible for time itself to be a character in such narratives? If so, how would you characterize these two authors different “takes” on time.

11/7:   Peer critique in class; the main themes of the last section of stories deal primarily w/gender roles and marriage.  As we did last time, please bring your typed draft and your thesis handwritten on a separate piece of paper.  For Formal Response #2, students may write about any one reading we did as a class between the dates 10/15 and 11/5  Again, if a student comes to class w/out a draft, then s/he will be counted absent. Please come and do your best to participate in the peer critique!  Good luck:  if any student would like to me look at his/her thesis ahead of time, please see me during my office hours.  Good luck!  See you in class.

11/12  Reading Response Paper #2 is due today at the start of class. Please also read “The Plagues” by Moacyr Scliar in HBM (pp. 164-176).  Discussion to follow.  Are there Biblical references in “The Plagues”?  Which can you reference to scripture?

11/14:   Please read “The Tale” by Joseph Conrad, pp. 445-463 (in 50GSS).  If you have read works by Conrad before, what similarities in theme or imagery do you note? The Heart of Darkness is probably Conrad’s best known novel.  Do you see similarities?

11/19:  STUDENTS PLAN the REST of the READINGS:  today, we’ll reflect on the fiction we’ve read thus far; I also hope to draw from all students TWO titles of stories they want to read before this semester ends!  This will be a day for reflection and future planning:  your attendance is vital!  Please also be sure to read through the table of contents in HBM and 50GS:  each student will be asked to offer at least TWO titles finalize our semester plan for what is left of  November-December. In this way, we will be able to conclude ENG 207 with democratic decision making and personalized selection of each class member.

11/21:  TBA

11/26:  TBA

11/28:  No classes — Happy Thanksgiving!



12/10:  Peer critique for Reading Response #3


12/16:   Final class, submit final response #3.  Class evaluation.


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