ENG 101 — Syllabus update for November (peer critique AGAIN on 11/5)

10/31 – All classes except 11 AM should have completed peer critique; due to my inability to attend class, I ask all students in ENG 101 to BRING the drafts and theses back to class this TUESDAY:  November 5.  The new due date for all of the ENG 101 classes for FP #2 is now Thursday, 11/7

11/5  REPEAT of peer critique for FP #2 — please bring your 400-500 word typed draft to class today; we will complete peer critique in class.  Students may write FP #2 about any one essay in the month of October (from 10/3 to 10/29).  Please also bring your thesis written on a separate piece of paper.  Bear in mind, the thesis should NOT BE:   a fact, a fragment, or a question.

11/7   FP #2 is DUE at the start of class today; please be sure to submit your peer critiques as well. Then please go on to read Alice Walker’s essay, “Am I Blue?” (242-247).  Since FP #2 is DUE today, please just look at the question’s following Ms. Walker’s essay.

11/12     Please read Peter Mathiessen’s excerpt from The Snow Leopard (46-57).  Then go on to read “May’s Lion” by Ursula K. LeGuin (pp. 306-314).  Discussion to follow.

11/14    Please read “The Face of a Spider” (235-241) and “Animal Rights and Beyond…” (548-555).

11/19   Please read “When Are Animal Experiments Justifiable” by Peter Singer (541-548).  Look over #1 & 2 (“Considerations”) at the top of p. 547 (you do not have to write out the questions, but be prepared to discuss them).  Obviously, writers writing about animals in a natural setting will be the theme for FP #3.  Students may write about any one essay from between 11/7-11/19 for FP #3.  Peer critique due next class.

11/21:     Peer critique for Formal Paper #3 (FP #3 can be about any reading we completed between 11/5 and 11/19).  If any student has a 90% average or above, the paper will be optional.  All other students must write FP #3 w/the intention to improve previous grades.  Good luck!  Also remember to use the Writing Center (Rm. 8349) as a resource for additional help.

11/26:   FP #3 is due today; we will also begin the discussion for your final research papers; as such, this is a very important class.  SUNY (in general) and RCC (specifically) both require all ENG 101 students to complete the research essay with a C or better in order to pass ENG 101. Do take notes, and pay careful attention. Review of MLA rules; please read Ideas & Details: Chapter 15, pp. 337-389. This may be the most important chapter in Bauman’s book; students should rely upon Chapter 15 (inIdeas and Details) whenever they have questions about research techniques and how to write entries for the Works Cited page.

11/28      No classes — Happy Thanksgiving!

12/3      Notecards and outline for documented essay are due today; bring work to class w/you. Together, they are worth 10 prewriting points.  Individual conferences will also be scheduled today; please come to class on time w/the work that is due.

12/5      Draft #1 (first 2 pages, 500 words) of your documented essay is due; students who fail to use citations will receive ZERO prewriting points. Be sure to have roughly the right length and your citations in place. (Worth 15 prewriting points.)

12/10     Individual conferences–as needed; these may also spill over into my office hours if necessary.

12/12      Individual conferences (see above)

12/17      Final peer critique of ENTIRE research essay: 4-6 pages, citations included, Works Cited on a separate, final page.  All of these are required today for students to earn the maximum prewriting points (worth final 15 points of 40 total).  Please do not lose points:  they are meant to be an incentive to complete this project successfully.

12/19      Final research essay is due ON TIME; final class. No late work will be accepted.   RCC faculty must submit grades quickly, so I need the time to read each essay.  Plagiarism:   a lack of citations, quotation marks (even for a few words or one sentence) AND/OR a missing Works Cited page is grounds for FAILURE. Do be careful  to research and cite ethically.  



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