ENG 207 Update — NEW as of November 5

Dear Short Story Class:  Forgive me for two peculiar events!  I understand a substitute met w/your group to discuss the stories assigned for 10/31.  If you read my earlier post, I was hospitalized on 10/31 through 11/1.  Today, Tuesday, November 5, I was in my office but heavily engaged in a complicated debate w/a student.  It was a circular argument, and I fear because I was not making myself clear to ONE STUDENT, I lost track time and missed all of you wonderful people; I did pick up the attendance sheet!  Again, please accept my apologies.  None of this is your fault.

Here is the NEW DEAL:  there will be an extra day for the drafts and peer critique.  AND an extra day to submit the second paper (see the revisions below).  I will certainly see all of you on Thursday, 11/7. (As long as there is neither a snowstorm nor a hurricane!)

11/7:   We will discuss ALL FOUR STORIES from the last two classes:  “Only The Dead Know Brooklyn” (132-137), in  HBM “Relative Humidity 95%” by Puig (222-236); please also thoroughly consider “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” by Saroyan (194-201) and “The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship” by Garcia Marquez (373-379). Before you come to class, select your favorite of these four stories and write about a half page (100 words) to discuss the features in the story you liked best; please also note your favorite phrase/sentence from the same story (again, your favorite of these four).


11/12:   Peer critique in class:  the main themes of the last section of stories deal mostly w/gender roles and marriage (but not exclusively).  As we did last time, please bring your typed draft and your thesis handwritten on a separate piece of paper.  For Formal Response #2, students may write about any one reading we did as a class between the dates 10/15 and 11/7  Again, if a student comes to class w/out a draft, then s/he will be counted absent. Please come and do your best to participate in the peer critique!

11/14    Please read “Luvina” (282-290)by Juan Rulfo and “The Miracle of the Birds (94-100) by Jorge Amado in HBM. Please be prepared to discuss the stories’ similarities and differences:  look especially at mood/tone.

11/19:  Reading Response #2 is DUE today.  Please also read “The Tale” by Joseph Conrad, pp. 445-463 (in 50GSS).  If you have read works by Conrad before, what similarities in theme or imagery do you note? The Heart of Darkness is probably Conrad’s best known novel.  Do you see similarities?

11/21:   In 50GS, please read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson (159-168) and in HBM go on to read “The Idol” by Casares (pp. 44-65).  Again, be mindful of thematic similarities and differences.

11/26:  In HBM please read “The Plagues” by Moacyr Scliar
(pp. 163-176).  Discussion about final two weeks of readings.  Students select?  We will discuss today.

11/28:   No classes — Happy Thanksgiving!

12/3:   Please read “The Psychiatrist” by Machado de Assiss in HBM (pp. 121-162)

12/5:  TBA — Students’ choice — we will decide before Thanksgiving Break

12/10:  Peer critique for Reading Response #3:  Students may write a response to any one story we rad and discussed as a group between the dates 11/14 and 12/5.  As usual,  please have your thesis on a separate sheet of paper:  again, remember to place your thesis at the conclusion of paragraph one; a thesis cannot be a fact, a fragment, or a question.  It must be your opinion phrased in a complete, declarative statement.  Good luck!

12/12:   SUBMIT Reading Response #3.  Class conclusion and discussion — differences and similarities between Anglo-American fiction and the realm of short story from Latin America?  Major themes?  Differences?


12/19:    Reading Day (no classes)

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