Documented Essay/final research paper — description, suggestions, and rules

Each student must formulate his/her own thesis and then gather sufficient supporting evidence for to prove his/her position., Common, along with these other online magazines, journals, and scholarly resources offer additional potential resources (reading material) for the final research paper.  Please also see the additional links to alternative sources below:
Keep in mind that the final research paper must be:
a.  4-6 pages long
b.  all papers MUST include IN TEXT citations (MLA style) and a Works Cited page
      The number of citations a student uses will vary.  For a 4-6 page long research essay,
       I suggest students use between 8-20 in-text citations.  95% of the VOICE of the essay will
       be the student’s OWN (his/her writing, thinking, theorizing).  Citations are used specifically
       to SUPPORT the paper’s main argument by offering evidence and details that verify the
       position the student writer takes.
c.  all pre-writing work required
d.  double spaced and in 14 font.
If a student fails to use MLA citations correctly, and/or if a student fails to submit a compatible Works Cited page, s/he can fail for the semester.  Keep in mind, all SUNY schools require the argumentative research essay of all students enrolled in ENG 101.  MLA format is expected to be learned and applied.  Review Ideas and Details chapters on Argument/Persuasion and Writing Research.
The sooner students select a topic and start gathering sources (books, journals, magazine articles, one film and/or one personal interview), the more successful the final product will be.  Remember, in this blog, there is a link to REVIEW MLA RULES — it includes what a sample Works Cited page must look like.
The Works Cited page literally LISTS all the works a writer cites in his/her essay.  All students are required to have a minimum of FIVE outside sources.  One of those readings can be from our textbook, Writing Nature.
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